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Roaches Exterminator Cleveland Tennessee

     You can choose a one off/one time service for almost any pest you have.  Mice, rats, termites, bed bugs, roaches, clover mites, wood boring wasps, mosquitoes, earwigs, wasps, silverfish, yellow jackets, hornets, spiders, ants, carpenter bees, beetles and moreYou can also hire me to do your termite/wood destroying insect inspection for your home purchase.


   Quarterly pest control services allow you to not worry about general pest problems inside your home and provides you with the best value.  There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. I will call you every three months to schedule your service.  You can call me anytime you like and I will provide free visits between scheduled services if needed.

What pests are covered in quarterly service agreement?
Ants, yellow jackets, spiders, mice, bees, rats, scorpions, roaches, silverfish, wasps, weevil, earwigs, beetles etc.  Generally any pest concern is covered outside of what is listed as not covered below.

What pests are not covered?
Termites & Bed Bugs require special treatment and are not part of the General Pest Control agreement.
Mosquitoes are not covered unless agreed upon at start with price adjusted.  Ask me about mosquito control for your yard etc.
Snakes, animals (racoons, possums etc) are not covered.

What areas are covered?
Inside your home and your porch/deck areas.  My goal is to make sure you are comfortable and happy enjoying your home.  You should rarely if ever have live general pests inside your home. Yellow Jacket nests in walls or attached to home are covered.  I would treat problems such as these as needed with NO additional fee if they arise between scheduled service dates.

What areas are not covered?
Outside away from your home.  Yellow Jacket or Hornets nests in trees/ground.  Ants in trees/ground etc are not covered. I can handle these problems for a small additional fee if a problem arises.  Fire ants mounds out in the lawn are not covered under quarterly pest control service agreement. Whole lawn fire ant protection is available for an additional fee.

I offer custom pest control solutions for Cleveland, Northern Chattanooga, Athens and Polk County Tennessee.  Let me give you a quote for your individual needs and wants!

Image licensed for use from Alex Wild.

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