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Bed bug infestation in Cleveland, Chattanooga TN.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Matt Bertone, NC State University

     Green Mountain Pest Control is your best choice for bed bug control/extermination in Cleveland, Chattanooga, Benton, and Athens Tennessee.  I study bed bugs.  After years and years of treating bed bugs, I have found a process that gets rid of them.  You get your home back to normal.  You get a good night's sleep.  

     If you want your bed bugs gone call me.  

     I have the special equipment and experience to rid your home of bed bugs now!

     Remember the better you prepare for my bed bug treatment the better it will work.  Pick up any clutter, remove bedding (take to the laundromat to wash and dry while I am doing the treatment), empty drawers in rooms where bed bugs are, and vacuum floors.  See...Homeowner Bed Bug Treatment Preparation.

     If you have bed bugs in Athens, TN or Cleveland TN or Chattanooga TN please call me now!  You will have the best bed bug exterminator in the area fixing your problem immediately. 

     Call me now for a free quote on treating your home for bed bugs.  Don't wait another day.

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