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Carpenter Bees

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Carpenter bees will be very active from the first of April until the end of May here in Tennessee. They may be active all summer long in some cases. The best time to treat for them is when they are active. Treating the outside of you home will cut down on the current population and slow the population growth of these pesky critters. Treating on a regular schedule will always give you the best results. I have been doing quarterly services for a customer in Delano TN for 4+ years. The first time I visited his log home the carpenter bee population was so high that they almost provided shade from the sun there were so many flying around his home. He recently told me that he only saw one the entire year of 2018! He also said that he hasn't seen any live insect inside his home in nearly 4 years! If you want the best pest control service for your home in Cleveland TN and the surrounding areas please give me a call. 423 331 8461

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